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Terms & Conditions

If you are not satisfied with the product purchased, you can return the product to us and we will repair / replace it, or refund you, subject to the terms below. This Policy forms part of the LED Sales Terms and Conditions.

You can return a product product to us, assuming the following:

  • It is undamaged and unused, with the original labels and stickers still attached;
  • It is in the original packaging, which must be undamaged and in its original condition with all seals still intact.
  • All accessories must be present.
  • You return product within 30 days of its delivery to you. After 30 days, you can only return a product if it is defective.

We reserve the right to refuse a return, if the unwanted product is returned damaged, not in a re-saleable condition or missing any accessories. Note we will examine product to ascertain whether damage was cause by: Negligence, or incorrect usage of the product, or damage arising from electrical surges, unnatural corrosion, or item being exposed to rain / water  (if its an indoor item) etc and should this be the case – we would then of course not be obliged to replace the item or refund.

We will require you to return the product at your own expense / time if it’s a return because of a reason OTHER than it is defective or the incorrect item that was sent. Once we have inspected the product and validated that the product is indeed defective or the wrong item, we will then refund you (including courier costs) if required unless you wish to exchange it for something else (can be discussed).

If incorrect items sent!

If we accidentally deliver the wrong product to you, or if the product is not as described on the Website (including if it is missing any accessories), please notify us and we will collect the product from you ASAP! We will then dispatch the correct item post haste!

Item arrives damaged!

Should a product be damaged at the time of delivery, please notify us within 7 days of such delivery. We will collect the product from you ASAP! Once we have inspected the product and ascertained what the issue is we will repair / replace the product as soon as possible (if such repair / replacement is possible) or refund you if that is your preference.

If items turn out to be defective!

Standard Warranty:

If you have received a product which turns out to be defective, please notify us as soon as reasonably possible after you become aware of the defect.

Once we have inspected the product and validated your return, we will at your choice repair / replace the product (if such repair / replacement is possible) or refund you if that is your preference). If the repair / replacement takes longer than 21 days, we will get in touch with you to see if you would rather receive a credit / refund.

Please provide all accessories that were sold with the defective item when you return it to us – regardless of whether you request a repair / replacement or a refund. Where there is no extended supplier warranty period, unfortunately we cannot facilitate returns that fall outside of the 1 year period.

For further Warranty breakdown see last section called ‘’additional notes on warranty’’.

Extended Supplier Warranty (stipulated on product page):

A product may have a supplier warranty that extends beyond the 1 year Standard Warranty. If such a product turns out to be defective more than 1 year after delivery / collection, please notify us as soon as reasonably possible after you become aware of the defect, but in any event within the extended supplier warranty period after delivery / collection of the product.

Please note that any extended supplier warranty is subject to whatever terms and conditions the supplier or manufacturer may impose. These are usually stated in a brochure or leaflet inside or on the product packaging. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any such terms and conditions.

It is also important to note that it will be in the supplier or manufacturer’s discretion what remedy it can offer you. We will facilitate this as best we can.


If you return a defective product to us, but you fail to return all of the accessories that were sold with that product, we reserve the right (subject to applicable law) only to replace the item that you did return, or to estimate the value of the missing accessories and only to credit or refund you in respect of the returned item.

If you return a product that does not comply with this Policy, you may be liable to reimburse us for the cost of collecting the product from you and the cost of having the product returned to you.

Additional Note with regard to Warranty:

With regard to the Limited Product Warranty period of 1 year.

All products supplied by LED Sales carries a default Twelve months warranty against defective parts unless otherwise stated (in the case of items with a greater warranty like 2 years or 5 years etc)

Warranty is Subject to the following terms and conditions:

(a) The product must be used according to its designed function and in accordance with the manufactures operating instructions supplied with the product.

(b) For items that contain batteries, replacement batteries should be fitted at regular intervals and only those batteries recommended by the manufacturer or his agent must be fitted.

(c) Any product supplied as being waterproof and being found to have been opened will forfeit the warranty.

(d) The warranty requires that a valid purchase receipt as supplied by the retailer must accompany any returned product clearly showing the date of purchase. No warranty claim will be entertained without proof of purchase.

(e) For Solar Lighting Products: Where products are described as having a prescribed lighting duration, this implies an ability to perform under perfect climatic conditions, such as requiring a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight per day. Anything less than six hours of direct sunlight per day will naturally reduce the number of hours the product is capable of supplying light.

(f)  NB: All solar powered lighting products require a minimum of two days charging when first purchased. Failure to carry out this pre use charging will seriously affect the batteries ability to function efficiently and will dramatically shorten the batteries useful life.

(g)  Any product returned as faulty and found to be working to the manufacturer’s specifications will be returned to the agent and the manufacturer reserves the right to levy an inspection charge of R50.00 (fifty five Rand) per item.

(h) Should any product be deemed to contain any form of hazardous material, such products will carry clearly visible warnings on the packaging material.

(i) LED Sales cannot be held liable for electrical supply conditions, including spikes, overvoltage / under-voltage and ripple current control systems that are beyond the specified limits of the product and those defined by relevant supply or contrary to industry standards relating to acceptable input power.

(j) For Hi-Bay Installations we recommend the installation of AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators). If this isn’t done we would then naturally have to examine a failed unit to ascertain if failure cause by spike / surge etc.