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160W Samurai IP65 UFO Highbay

160W Samurai IP65 UFO Highbay

This 5-year warranty High Bay has an IP65 rating and has an Anti-Glare Design allows for maximum eye comfort. Powered by 3 in 1 Dimmable LED Driver (1-10V, PWM, Resistance). Ultra-high Lumen Philips 2835 LED at 150lm/w. Wide voltage range at 90V-305V with a 4k Surge protection. Standard safety buckle and 1M safety rope string (Max 35kg)

Lumen Output: 24000lm

Colour: 4000K or 5700K

L80B10 @ 50 000 hours.

Beam Angle: 90D (120 optional on request)


4Kv Surge Protection

Power Factor >0.95

Input Voltage: 90V-305V

Surface Mount Bracket Optional

IP65 Rating



Quality: Blue