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                                                            About Us

The lightshop is a website that is branched off of another website, L.E.D Sales. The goal of The Lightshop is to have a mainstreamed, user-friendly and cost effective environment where your lighting needs can be quickly and effieciently met.

L.E.D Sales started at the end of 2010. Since then the business has performed the role of a reseller (primarily), Importer, Consultancy as well as a Trade supplier to other businesses.

L.E.D Sales strives to make LED lighting as well as other types of lighting available to the wider market as cost effectively and reasonably possible, with value for money being the key consideration. We include other energy efficient products that include items like energy monitoring, energy storage and generating components and equipment including solar electric products as we always have. We also supply stand-alone products such as Solar lighting and Solar Electric Kits which we are very enthusiastic about! Emergency Backup lighting systems and kits are sold too.

Product sourcing also forms part of our service and a formidable network has been built up over the last few years that enables us to get down to solutions and options quickly. We have and do import specifically for projects, though most of our suppliers are currently in SA.

L.E.D Sales will assist where necessary in providing complete lighting solutions and will address specific client inquiries on a case-by-case basis and we will provide options that are value for money, energy-efficient and reliable.

Furthermore, we are committed to upholding a level of service and integrity that is beyond reproach. L.E.D Sales maintains business relationships with ‘like-minded’ business entities.

The company is naturally a work in progress and new ideas are always being considered.

Basic Company Info:

LED Sales (Pty) Ltd

Reg: 2016 / 018828 / 07

VAT No. 4560273411

Fish Hoek admin office (country wide distribution via courier)